Duffy will not accept PSNI

LEADING Lurgan republican Colin Duffy spoke to the 'MAIL' in light of the violence of last week and in response to John O'Dowd's statement.

"To be honest what struck me and a lot of the members of the community was that there wasn't a Sinn Fin representative present on the ground,” he commented.

Of the incident involving Cathy Collins and her family he said: "We witnessed the RUC bully boy tactics first hand and stood side by side with the family.

“I don't need to propagandacise what happened. Anybody who was there saw the violence the RUC inflicted on the community.

"Is John O'Dowd calling on members of that community now to support this same force?"

Colin Duffy is back in the public eye having become a leading figure with socialist republican group irg.

In 1995 he was jailed but later acquitted of the murder of a UDR member. Two years later he was charged with the murders of two RUC men in Lurgan town centre but the charges were later dropped.

"The idea that irg are linked to dissidents needs to be dispelled," he continued.

"I would expect something like this coming from MI5 but not from other people who pass themselves off as republicans. It's not acceptable.

"What we are about is demanding Irish independence. I make no bones about it - I'm an Irish republican."

"irg is its own political organisation - it isn't afraid to campaign for Irish independence.

“We are prepared to stand up for rights of people."

He said the PSNI was different only in name to the RUC and vowed he would not be accepting a police force involved in killing and collusion.

He added: "The way I would view it in a broad sense is that the RUC isn't a civilianised police force.

"It's still a paramilitary thug force who use bully boy tactics to intimidate people.

"It's OK for John O'Dowd and Sinn Fin to be saying they're going to put monitors on the RUC.

"I would pose questions, for example are the DPPs working? I fear not. Are political parties holding them accountable?"

"In every society we need a police force. The RUC isn't the type of police force I'm seeking for my community," he said.

"Until such times as the Irish community have power in their hands to create a police force we will continue to expose and oppose this force."