Group learn about history of Brownlows in the town

A CAPACITY audience met at the Jethro Centre to welcome the ever-popular author and historian, Dr Frank McCorry, who set out the contribution of the Brownlow family to the development of Lurgan.

The next meeting of the Community Outreach Group will take place at 8pm on Wednesday, February 6, in the Jethro Centre when Dr Finbar McCormick, a Queen’s University archaeologist, will give a presentation entitled ‘The Vikings in Ireland’, continuing the theme of examining the impact made by the different nationalities who have played their part in shaping the history of this country.

Understanding the past plays a vital part in helping to inform the future, and the talks in this series, which examine the events and the lives of those who have made such an impact on the shared history, have attracted not inconsiderable interest by those attending.

Admission to these meetings is free. They are open to all members of this community and light refreshments are served.