Israeli flag causes complaints

Israeli flag flies in the centre of Lurgan
Israeli flag flies in the centre of Lurgan
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Some residents of Lurgan have been complaining about an Israeli flag in the town centre. One said: “I honestly do not mind people celebrating their culture, but can someone from the loyalist community please explain to me exactly what the state of Israel has to do with the battle of the Boyne?

“If they in fact checked their history books they would see that during the concept of the state of Israel, which at the time was under British jurisdiction, more British soldiers were killed than during the whole Troubles here in the north. I can only surmise that the reason that this flag is flying is to antagonise the right thinking people from this town.”

Aaron Dowey of the PUP said: “Many within the loyalist community feel an affinity with Israel and that is why their flag will often feature as part of the decorations. The decorations in the town are put up wholly as part of our celebrations and are nothing to do with antagonising any other sections of the community. The PUP would ask why anyone finds the Israel flag in particular offensive and what their motivations are.”