Family’s disgust as vandals steal Danny’s plaque

The Danny McIntyre memorial which was vandalised at the weekend

The Danny McIntyre memorial which was vandalised at the weekend

The family of a loyalist murder victim say they are disgusted after a memorial honouring the 30th anniversary of his death was vandalised.

The sister of Danny McIntyre, who was shot four times by the UVF, said the mindless vandals caused as much hurt as the people who killed her brother.

Philomena Carr said the family had gone to a lot of trouble to have a plaque made in memory of her brother. It was erected it on a lampost close to where he was murdered atManor Court in Taghnevan on January 27, 1984.

Mrs Carr and her family erected the memorial where it was respected until last Friday night. She was horrified to learn that thugs had stolen the plaque and, unable to remove a wreath, ripped the rosebud heads and scattered them.

Mr McIntyre’s family were distraught when he was gunned down aged just 28 as he walked home from a darts match in Lurgan. An inquest later heard that two shots were fired into his body as he lay on the ground.

Danny’s murder was soon after the infamous Darkley killings. His father, Bob McIntyre, calling for no retaliation, said at the time: “I wouldn’t send any of my mine out to kill and I’m certain the parents did not bring them up to do that. There are mad heads on both sides and it’s innocent people who get hurt.” He died a year after his son, his family believe of a broken heart.

Philomena doesn’t believe the vandalism was sectarian and believe drunks were responsible. She praised the kindness of mystery person who replaced the wreath on Saturday but is disgusted that it too was ripped apart. “We are all disgusted at this. It is very hurtful,” she said.




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