St Michael’s pupils excel at GCSE

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St Michael’s pupils achieved high marks in this year’s GCSE examinations and have interesting plans for the future.

Principal Mr Gerry Adams congratulated the students on their success.

“The pupils have done very well and we are absolutely delighted with the standards they have achieved after all their hard work over the past number of years,” he said.

Mr Adams said the overall pass rate was in the high nineties percentage wise. And he revealed that the number of students achieving A* to C grades is around the 90% mark.

“That’s a very high level of achievement and I am absolutely delighted with that.

“These results are the accumulation of a significant effort on behalf of the staff, pupils and parents as well. We can’t forget them as they have an input into this process, monitoring homework and getting pupils out to school in the mornings so it’s a three-way partnership and I’m delighted for everybody involved that they have go the rewards that their hard work deserves.

“The young people here are jumping with joy. There’s a lot of profound happiness around the day and I am absolutely delighted. I congratulate every single one of them,” said Mr Adams.




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