Police respond to claims of filming

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Police have responded to claims that they created tensions at Mourneview bonfire.

According to a UPRG spokesperson, police were asked to withdraw from the bonfire after they’d begun confiscating alcohol and threatening bandsmen with prosecution for an illegal parade.

The spokesperson claimed the PSNI also took video footage of bandsmen and the bonfire.

They said: “We have to ask why these actions are being taken and why instead of trying to create tensions in a loyalist area the PSNI do not do their job properly and arrest the drug dealers and house burglars who are causing mayhem in the vicinity? After all they know who these criminals are and it would be better if they prosecuted real criminals instead of loyalists enjoying their culture in their estates on the Eleventh night.”

Police say it is believed that an unnotified parade took place at the Flush Place area shortly before 9.25pm on Friday, July 11. An evidence gathering operation was in place and the incident is being investigated.

Anyone with a complaint against police should contact the Police Ombudsman.