Pregnant woman forced to leave home after family is ‘put at risk’

Janette Khalid mops up water in the kitchen of her home in Dill avenue. INLM0613-201.
Janette Khalid mops up water in the kitchen of her home in Dill avenue. INLM0613-201.

A PREGNANT woman has claimed she has been forced to leave the accommodation she was renting due to a series of incidents which put her family and her unborn child at risk.

Janette Khalid said she was forced to leave a rented property in Dill Avenue because of antisocial behaviour in the area coupled with problems in her home.

The ‘MAIL’ recently carried a story on the vacant house next door to Janette where it was reported youths had ‘commandeered’ the property and were indulging in drink, drugs and other antisocial activities.

Not long after moving in Janet says she was the victim of antisocial behaviour. She said: “I started my tenancy on December 5. I signed up with Property Solutions because they didn’t need as big a deposit as the other letting companies.

“I hadn’t been there long and my back window got put through and oil stolen from the tank.

“My brother-in-law had his car attacked outside the house. They asked for a lift and when he wouldn’t take them they asked for his wallet and car keys. When he drove off they kicked and punched at the car.

“I’ve reported all these incidents to police. I’ve talked to neighbours who have said they’re moving out because they just can’t take it any more. I had no choice but to leave.”

She added: “In terms of the house there were problems with the electrics when we moved in.

“The house was vacant for a long time before we moved in. I think there was already damp in the house when we moved in.

“Things got worse when water started coming through the ceiling. Water was coming down the walls and through the light fittings in every room apart from the spare room.

“In the back bedroom there was that much water coming down you could have took a shower.”

Janette said: “I’ve asked for a transfer because I don’t feel safe and also because the house is not suitable for a woman who is pregnant or anyone for that matter.

“We were offered other properties but the standard was no better. I moved in with my sister-in-law instead.”

Janette, who has five children and has lived in a number of different locations since leaving Southampton at a very young age, said: “I got married in January and we moved into the house in Dill Avenue. I was trying to bring some stability to my life, but it’s just been one thing after another since moving here.”

Property Solutions were aware of a number of complaints made by Mrs Khalid. The ‘MAIL’ understands that in each case the landlord was contacted by Property Solutions and given the green light for repairs to be carried out. The paper understands reparations were carried out at the property as recently as Saturday.

Police say they have received no reports of antisocial behaviour from Mrs Khalid, but are aware of some incidents in Dill Avenue.

Police have encouraged people to report crimes, especially in the Dill Avenue area, where only 23 reported incidents in the past year suggest an under-reporting of crime rather than an absence of it.