Unwanted parasite in supermarket fish

A red worm in one of the fish fillets bought in Tesco.
A red worm in one of the fish fillets bought in Tesco.
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A Craigavon woman received an upleasant surprise when preparing to cook fish fillets she’d bought in her local Tesco store.

Samantha Jurkute Ciuksiene (26) from Avondale Manor had bought a packet of white fish fillets in Tesco Extra Craigavon on Friday. She opened the protective wrapper on the fillets in anticipation of cooking them for her family when she was taken aback at the discovery of red worms in the fish.

Samantha Jurkute-Ciuksiene. INLM49-165gc

Samantha Jurkute-Ciuksiene. INLM49-165gc

Samantha, who is originally from Lithuania, but has been living in Northern Ireland for nine years, told the ‘MAIL’: “I opened the fish and I noticed it wasn’t right. I looked closer and saw there were red worms in it.”

After taking pictures of the red parasites in the fish Samantha returned the product to Tesco and made a complaint.

The mother of two young children added: “I buy them all the time. They’re cheaper than other fish and the family like them. I never had any like this before.

“I won’t be buying them any more.

“I contacted Tesco, but they only gave me back money for the pack of fish.”

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We set ourselves very high standards for the safety and quality of our food. We’ve given the customer a full refund and are urgently investigating.”