Shocked at comments about Mayor

FROM: Lurgan resident

I am writing to you about a story printed in last week’s Lurgan Mail concerning Craigavon Mayor Cllr Carla Lockhart’s decision to join the charity side of the Royal British Legion Lurgan and Brownlow Branch.

I am shocked that someone could be so short sighted in their comments about Cllr Lockhart and I would actually say to them if they are brave enough to name Cllr Lockhart then why not put their name to the complaint?

However, the reason I write this is to highlight the fact that Cllr Lockhart in my opinion has been the best Mayor that Craigavon has had in a long time. She is hard working, has a heart for what she is doing, and is working for the good of all the citizens of Craigavon. It is high time that others took a leaf out of her book and worked together for the good of the people as oppose to snipping from the side-lines like the so called “long-term member” of the RBL.

Lurgan and Brownlow British Legion is a Legion that works extremely hard for military personnel both past and present and this unfortunate story has marred this great work. However, I believe Cllr Lockhart’s response to the complaint detailing the hard work she has been involved in has vindicated her position and I would commend her for taking this step and joining. We need more people like her with the back bone to stand up for our military personnel both serving and retired. If she can use her position in Government to raise the issues affecting our military personnel then I support her.