Town is ‘concrete’ plaza

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Unfortunately in this financially hard time, this is the only way I have of heating my home. We’re not all rockafellas. If the government and councils are so worried about people burning fires to keep them warm, then why don’t they fight to get the price of oil brought down. It’s extortionate.

A roundabout would not work. Edward Street and junction is busy not only with vehicles but a lot of pedestrian users. So you would have traffic lights no matter what and it would be worse. It’s done now, and we won’t change it. How about the council actually doing something with the concrete paradise plaza up the middle of Market Street doing nothing. How about market stalls, something useful?

The chicken crossed the road to escape from Mourneview. Who could blame it? Terry

The Mail had to do the council’s job in highlighting the smokeless zone problem. The Mail should publish the environmental health salaries.

All sex offenders should be named and shamed for the public to deal with the sickos. Protecting the scum of the earth won’t help anyone at the end of the day. Those who have been convicted need their info made public to try and protect our children and others. Noeleen Floyd

What about the child abusers who visit their relatives in Lurgan?