TV role for Lurgan’s Micky

Lurgan-born comedian/actor Micky Bartlett is joining the cast of the popular BBC NI show Soft Border Patrol.

Thursday, 13th February 2020, 12:36 pm

Providing order on the border, Soft Border Patrol is back with a new three-part TV series walking the line where the United Kingdom meets the EU.

Starting on Friday February 21 on BBC One Northern Ireland at 10.35pm, under the direction of Chief Executive Lisa McCoy (Karen Hassan), the brand new complaints and compensation department headed up by Peter Brown (played by Lurgan-born comedian/actor Micky Bartlett) ensures the public are being heard.

Once again the new series centres round the antics of teams, patrolling the often twisting highways and byways of the border on push bike and by car, as they try to help commuters cross the border smoothly and swiftly, but not always successfully.

Micky Bartlett said: “I had an absolute ball working on Soft Border Patrol.

“I was really excited about it as the idea of a totally improvised show from Northern Ireland was right up my street.

“As a comedian it’s always great to be able to just turn up and talk nonsense instead of having to learn a script.

“The crew and cast are hilarious and I think the audience at home are going to love it.”