Local band open for Snow Patrol

CAT Malojian are gearing up for their biggest support slot to date.

Monday, 24th May 2010, 5:09 pm
Updated Wednesday, 26th May 2010, 11:21 am

The Lurgan trio of Stevie Scullion, Jonny Toman and Rachel Toman are one of the support bands for the Snow Patrol gig at Ward Park in Bangor on Saturday, June 5.

“The most we've ever played to is probably a few hundred people,” said Cat Malojian’s Stevie Scullion

“The last time Snow Patrol played Ward Park there were 30,000 people at it.”

When asked how he’d be approaching the gig Stevie said: “With full keks!”

He added: “We've been preparing for a showcase event we're doing in Toronto in June anyway so we'll probably just ramp things up another bit.”

Snow Patrol singer Gary Lightbody has gone on record as saying he’s a big fan of Cat Malojian’s music. Stevie explained that Gary was a big factor in them getting the support slot.

He said: “Gary Lightbody and Jonny Quinn (Snow Patrol's drummer) have been talking about us in the press for a while now and then they contacted us a couple of months ago to ask if we'd be up for it.”

When asked if he dreamed of a day when Cat Malojian were headlining a homecoming gig of their own on this scale in Lurgan Park, Stevie said: “We'll see how this one goes first! Our music mightn't translate well onto the big festival stages but you never know. We'll see!

He continued: “Adding Rachel to the mix has brought our live show to life. It gives us freedom to experiment with new sounds, though at the core it's still essentially the same. It's weird! Rachel joining us was a really natural progression for us anyway so maybe that's why it feels like that. She's a genius! All the Tomans are geniuses. Is it genii?”

Cat Malojian are working on their third album and will soon be heading to NXNE music festival in Toronto. They hope to do a series of live sessions for the internet over the summer. For more on the band see www.catmalojian.com