Rock and roll fans less likely to cheat

Jazz fans are more likely to cheat on their partners than rock and roll fans, according to the latest survey.

Thursday, 11th June 2015, 10:10 am
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The survey found that more than three quarters of cheaters think about their lover when they hear their favourite music

Jazz, Salsa and Pop are the top three music styles with fans most likely to cheat on their partner.

Listeners of Indie music and Heavy Metal are less likely to cheat

The survey conducted by Victoria Milan – a dating website for married and attached people looking to cheat – asked 6,558 of its members about their taste in music, and whether it made them think of their lover, or their long-term partner.

Jazz fans appear to be most likely to cheat on their partner (19%), followed by people who like to listen to Salsa (14%) and fans of Pop (13%). The least people likely to cheat are Indie music fans (3%) while Heavy Metal listeners are the most faithful, with only 2% of cheaters tuning into the heavy stuff.

The cheaters surveyed confessed that when they hear their favourite music they are more likely to be fantasising about their lover than thinking of their long-term partner.

Founder and CEO of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said music is known for its emotive qualities and ability to conjure up memories and feelings.

“As long-term relationships progress, the excitement and passion and fire slowly dies out and people start to look for that missing element outside their relationship.

“The song you choose to listen to in your car as you go to meet your lover, or the music you are playing while you are intimate becomes much more touching than the music you walked down the aisle to ten years ago,” Mr Vedal said.


6,558 members of Victoria Milan surveyed

Do you like listening to music?

Yes 81%

No 19%

Do you think more about your lover or your partner while you listen to music?

I think more about my lover 76%

I think more about my partner 24%

Which music do you like to listen to?

Jazz 19%

Salsa 14%

Pop 13%

Country 12%

Rap 9%

Classic Music 8%

Blues 6%

Reggae 5%

Rock and Roll 5%

Electronica 4%

Indie 3%

Heavy Metal 2%