‘Neigh’bourhood policing with a difference as horses find homes

The two horses which have been given a new lease of life thanks to Craigavon PSNI.
The two horses which have been given a new lease of life thanks to Craigavon PSNI.

Craigavon police have been doing a spot of ‘neigh’bourhood policing with a difference - finding two abandoned horses new homes.

The tale began after police were called to deal with two horses straying in the area.

As Craigavon PSNI explained on their Facebook page: “We were called to find them wandering, only instead of the usual, where they have clearly escaped from a field, these beautiful boyos were in pretty bad shape and looked like they’d been abandoned.

“Fortunately for them, two of our horse loving colleagues heard about their plight and took it on themselves to look after them.

“Animals, if unclaimed or homed, can end up being put down, and our horsey cops were determined that was not going to happen.

“First thing they did was to get to know them.”

The tale of how ’Mr Ned’ and ‘Red’ got their names was said to be too long and involved but the police were keen to emulate the Mounties - never mind Operation relentless always getting their man - these ladies were determined to find the horses a home.

The officer explained: “Our girls set about making phone calls, and that’s where the real heroes of this story come in.

“No doubt named after one of the best TV shows in history, ‘My Lovely Horse Rescue’ stepped up to the mark with one of the horses, along with ‘Forgotten Horse Rescue Ireland’ who took the other.

“That has guaranteed the horses a life, being well looked after, and enjoying some seriously good digs in their new paddock. Tea Father? Neigh thanks.

“That wasn’t the end of the story though! There were other volunteers who stepped up, giving of their time and equipment to help with storage and transport of the horses before they reached their new home.

“So a massive well done to our horse cops, but an even bigger well done and thank you to My Lovely Horse and Forgotten Horses Ireland for their generosity and commitment to looking after these lovely creatures, as well as all those who contributed to this happy ending.”