New £1.3m investment by firmus in Craigavon

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Natural gas supplier firmus energy has announced an investment of £1.3 million in the Craigavon area in the final half of 2019.

The local investment formed part of a wider £10.3 million construction programme across NI and work is already underway to extend the network further and connect new properties.

Established in 2006, firmus energy supplies gas to over 95,000 homes and businesses throughout Northern Ireland.

The company has invested more than £16 million in the Craigavon area to date, where it currently has 5,470 customers.

In the next six months, the total number of connectable properties in Craigavon is expected to rise by over 1,600.

Paul Stanfield Director of Sales, Marketing and Customer Operations with firmus energy, said: “Craigavon is a key town in our network area, we are pleased to announce such a significant investment which helps re-emphasise our commitment to the local area. The network extension inevitably leads to an increase in the demand for firmus approved natural gas installers.

“We have a number of dedicated installers who work along with the local firmus energy advisory team in the Craigavon area to help ensure seamless service provision across the board. New customers can enjoy in the cost and environmental benefits natural gas has to offer.

“Domestic customers have the benefit of constant hot water and instant heat, and gas can also be used for appliances in the home such as gas hobs, tumble driers and modern gas fires which can be lit at the touch of a button rather than having to lift heavy logs and coal.”

To see if you are able to switch to natural gas, please contact the firmus energy customer service on 0800 032 4567.

firmus energy has connected over 35,000 customers in its network area (outside greater Belfast) and supplies natural gas to over 95,000 across Northern Ireland.