NI jeweller says ‘internet has killed the high street’ as he shuts up shop

David Van Scoy
David Van Scoy

A Co Armagh jeweller has said the internet has killed his business as he announced he is shutting down after decades in the high street.

David Van Scoy, who has been in the jewellery business in Portadown most of his 64 years, blamed a serious down turn in footfall in Portadown for the demise of his business.

As he runs a closing down sale at Jewellery By Van Scoy, he said his store in Market Street would be closing in the new year.

Currently he employs three part time staff and says he is reluctantly going to have to let them go.

“Footfall in Portadown’s High St is dreadful,” said Mr Van Scoy. “The internet has killed the business.

“The High Street is not going to come back any time soon,” he added.

“It is breaking my heart but I can see no other option,” said David.

An experienced businessman, Mr Van Scoy started out with a small outlay of £100.

“I worked by way onto the high street having started out in Burnbrae Avenue in Portadown.

“Although we are saddened to be leaving the high street after so many years, we ultimately feel the time has come to close this chapter,

“We want to say a huge thank you to all the loyal customers who have supported us through the last few difficult years. We would not have carried on for as long as we had if it hadn’t been for each and every one of you.”

He also paid tribute to some of his fellow traders in Portadown. “They have really been a great support to me.”