Cars parked illegally outside NI primary school may be seized, say PSNI

Police have threatened to seize vehicles after a spate of irresponsible parking outside an NI primary school.

Friday, 10th January 2020, 11:55 am

Posting photos of cars abandoned at corners and on double yellow lines close to Carrick Primary School in Lurgan, the PSNI pointed out that road users are required to take extra care particularly when it comes to children.

They posted photos of three different vehicles parked on corners and on double yellow lines at the entrance to the primary school.

Carrick PS is tucked off Sloan Street and has very little on site parking.

Cars parked on double yellow lines

Sharing the PSNI post, the school said: "This is at the end of the road at our school.

"Just for clarification. We have applied for traffic calming three years ago and while approved we are on an Education Authority list for work to be completed.

"The gravel pitch is not accessible for cars without considerable work which EA need to complete.

"Schools cannot carry out this work even if we had the money to do so.

"Staff had to be put on the turning circle to keep children safe at a school cost.

"Carrick has done all it possibly can do at this present time. Please think before you park to keep children safe."

The PSNI said: " The first line of Rule 147 of the highway code : "Be careful and considerate towards other road users, especially those requiring extra care".

"This is especially important when it comes to children.

"So I'm sure it will surprise you that since the schools have gone back on Monday we have been contacted about some... um.... issues at various schools across the District.

"We work closely with our schools to try to educate and inform that pavements are for people .

"Parking on a double yellow - that's a ticket. Parking within 15 meters of a junction - that's a ticket. If your vehicle is deemed to be causing an obstruction it could be seized. Please - park where it is safe."