Collaboration is key for teachers

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Over 150 teachers have taken part in the 2019 annual collaborative day for post primary Dickson plan schools.

Collaboration between post primary Dickson plan schools in Portadown and Tandragee has been in place for over 10 years.

This year, schools from Lurgan were invited to attend to observe the work which goes on, with a view to all seven schools engaging in the process in future years.

The aim of this collaborative day, which took place in Killicomaine Junior High School, was to review schools’ processes and streamline these where necessary or appropriate.

While the schools work together to strengthen the system, it is recognised that the retention of each schools’ individual ethos and characteristics is important.

To ensure the annual collaborative day is focused and meaningful, the host Principal, Mr Charlie McAleese, consulted with Principals and other senior staff to produce thematic, core agendas which centred on learning and teaching, pupil interventions, and pupil attitudes and aspirations.

With Lurgan College Principal Mr T Robinson, and senior teacher Mr D Irvine fully involved this year and expressing an interest in the concept of the collaboration day, it is possible that there could be over two hundred and fifty teachers involved in the 2020 meeting.