College is celebrating top grades

Lurgan College recorded ‘outstanding’ 2019 A Level results which featured some of the very best performances in the long and illustrious 146-year history of the school.

Principal Mr Trevor Robinson said: “These truly remarkable results, which are testament to the pupils’ hard work and commitment, are...once again, tangible evidence of the success of our cherished Dickson Plan which, for over fifty years, has furnished the young people of Craigavon with the necessary skills and attributes to help them realise their true intellectual, social, moral and spiritual potential.

“The Year 14 class of 2019 have done themselves, their families, their school and their community proud with an extremely impressive 86% of the pupils achieving three or more A Levels at grades A*-C. It is also pleasing to note that grades A*, A and B accounted for over three quarters of the total grades achieved. The 94% of A*-C grades is well in excess of the NI Grammar School average.

“The most gratifying aspect... is that the vast majority of our Y14 pupils are now preparing to head off and take their well-earned places in their chosen universities locally and across the UK.”

Former Carrick PS pupil Gareth Dawson, achieved an outstanding four straight A grades (two of them starred) and former King’s Park pupil, Sophie Kinkaid, and former Waringstown PS pupil, Adam Hilditch, each banked three straight A* grades.

A total of 19 pupils had at least three grade As and a further 21 pupils obtained at least two grade As: Nathan Armstrong (Donaghcloney PS), Josh Best (Waringstown PS), Emma Cardwell (Ballinderry PS), Alexandra Carson (King’s Park PS), Lois Dundas (Moira PS), Lauren Hibble (King’s Park PS), Adam Hilditch (Waringstown PS), Peter Hutchinson (Waringstown PS), Karolina Janus (Carrick PS), Sophie Kinkaid (King’s Park PS), Sophie McCullough (Poyntzpass PS), Anna McRoberts (Ballinderry PS), Timothy Millen (King’s Park PS), Michael Newton (Waringstown PS), Anna Phillippi (Waringstown PS), Abigail Smyth (Moira PS), Hannah Trew (King’s Park PS) and Gema Uprichard (King’s Park PS).

The students achieving at least two grade As were Rachel Armstrong (Donaghcloney PS), Beth Cairns (Waringstown PS), Joel Davison (King’s Park PS), Chloe Edge (Carrick PS), Kirsty Fairley (Waringstown PS), Hannah Ferguson (Dickson PS), Hannah Gorman (Carrick PS), Chloe Harrison (Waringstown PS), Emma Hilditch (Waringstown PS), Samuel Hoy (Hardy Memorial PS), Joel Martin (Waringstown PS), Christina McCahon (King’s Park PS), Julia McCleary (Ballinderry PS), Maja Ochojska (St Francis’ PS), Sarah Patterson (Maralin PS), Kelsey Rankin (King’s Park PS), Ben Scott (Bunscoil Mhuire), Jordan Walker (King’s Park PS), Caitlin Welsh (Waringstown PS), Simon Wilson (King’s Park PS) and Jon Woods (Waringstown PS).

The results achieved by the Y13 pupils of Lurgan College at Advanced Subsidiary Level were ‘very pleasing’. The overall pass rate was 95%.

Top performers at with four straight ‘A’s were Andrew Combe (King’s Park PS), Hannah Dempsey (Edenderry PS) and Marlena Jagoda (St Francis’ PS).

The students with three A grades were Leah Gorman (Carrick PS), Philip McClenahan, Anna McNeill (Moira PS), Lauren Tolmie (King’s Park PS), Matthew Wells (King’s Park PS) and Megan Willis (Orchard County PS).

The following pupils achieved two grade As: Micah Carson (Carrick PS), Lewis Fryers (King’s Park PS), Ryan Holmes (King’s Park PS), Stuart Hoy (Edenderry PS), Courtney Martin (King’s Park PS), Jack McIvor (Bocombra PS) and Poppy Smith (Royal School Armagh Prep).