Apology after Trust cancels operations

An apology has been issued by the Southern Health and Social Care Trust after more than 220 planned operations were cancelled within a month.

Figures revealed by the Trust show that between 1st December 2017 and 4 January 2018, a total of 222 planned operations ‘had to be cancelled because of significantly higher than expected numbers of people admitted to our hospitals’.

This follows a large rise in the numbers attending the Emergency Department at Craigavon Hospital.

In a statement the Southern Health Trust said: “On 19 and 20 of December, the Trust admitted exceptionally high numbers of very ill patients to Craigavon Area Hospital.

“This surge in patient numbers impacted on our capacity to proceed with planned surgery and regrettably a decision had to be made to postpone some procedures in order to accommodate the influx of very sick patients.

“We would wish to apologise to our patients who have been affected by this situation and we are working hard to reschedule everyone.

“However our capacity is still limited due to the high number of ill patients who require beds and our hospitals continue to be under pressure.

“The situation is being kept under continual review by Trust senior management and the safety and quality of the care we provide to our patients will continue to be of paramount importance.”