Cameron doing well after his first treatment

Cameron Truesdale
Cameron Truesdale

Young Cameron Truesdale is recovering well ‘with minimal side affects’ after his latest treatment in Mexico.

The 12-year-old Waringstown boy has travelled with his family to South America to get potentially life-saving treatment for a rare brain tumour.

Despite falling ill during the flight he has recovered very well and was able to receive the pioneering treatment.

The Brownlow Integrated College pupil was diagnosed in January this year with the highly aggressive DIPG brain tumour which doctors here said was inoperable.

His mum Cassandra Finnegan revealed: “Cameron was admitted to hospital after our flight as he took sick because he wouldn’t eat or drink while travelling.

“I think it was due to the tiredness and nervousness,” she said. “But he received the best care and was discharged after one night of receiving IV fluids and has been great since he had his first treatment last week. And he was discharged after one day. He has had very minimal side affects and has been able to go to the pool and arcade as he is so good.

“We won’t find out results till his next treatment on the 12th October,” she added. “But the doctors have given us more care than we received the whole time at home.”

Thinking of all those family and friends at home she said: “A big thank you to all those working hard to keep us here for Cameron’s treatment. Please keep it up as we only have enough for two more treatments so far. But I know the people of Northern Ireland will continue to help us.”

Cameron’s family have been tirelessly fundraising to help raise the £300k needed for the treatment and left for Mexico last month in a bid to save his life.

They have been overwhelmed by the generosity of not just people here but the Mexican people in Monteray where the family are living for the next few months as Cameron goes through his treatment.

Cameron’s sisters Chloe, Courtney and Caitlin are all there and it was clear the Mexican people have taken them to their hearts.

Cassandra said: “Such generous people giving us toys to occupy the little ones on our long stay in Mexico.”

Cameron’s dad Hammy, who admitted to being homesick, said: “He has walked through it like he has walked through everything else, like it’s not even there. Honestly he astounds me. Cameron and Chloe adapted quite quick to everything but I suppose I’m like an old dog trying to learn new tricks.” He said he just wants to do whatever he can to make it easier for Cameron and the whole family.