Campaigners collect 111,000 signatures opposing breast cancer clinic cutbacks

Representatives of Knitted Knockers at 10 Downing St
Representatives of Knitted Knockers at 10 Downing St

More than 110k people signed a petition to help save the Breast Cancer services in Craigavon and the organisers want to thank all who helped.

Campaign group Knitted Knockers said: “We would like to thank everyone who helped us with our campaign to save our Breast Clinics and for helping us obtain 111,459 signatures

“We handed over our lobby document as well as signatures to 10 Downing St on 2 September. We had a meeting with David Simpson in Westminster discussing our concerns regarding closures of Belfast City Hospital

“The DOH project board stated 25% of those questioned would not or could not travel to the 3 locations, if people do not attend the proposed 3 locations, then we worry that there will be a decrease of attendance to clinics, an increase of later stage breast cancer diagnosed, possible increase of secondary cancer and increase in mortality due to breast cancer.

“We will issue our full lobby document to everyone after we present it to the Department of Health when we return.”