New victims’ outreach centre for Markethill

The opening of the new victims' outreach centre in Markethill.
The opening of the new victims' outreach centre in Markethill.

The Ely Centre and Brooke House has announced the opening of a new outreach office at Fairgreen Road, Markethill.

The Military and Victims Charity has secured funding from the Armed Forces Covenant Trust and the Victims and Survivors Service to continue the development of health and well being services and welfare and benefits advice for victims and survivors of the Troubles and veterans of HM Forces as well as retired RUC officers in the Co Armagh area and further afield.

Mr Jim Dixon, the Ely Centre Chairperson said; “With established and highly effective operational bases in Enniskillen and the Colebrooke Estate we have always sought to provide a similar level of services to veterans and victims who reside or have served in other border counties.

“For many years we have worked with victims charities and we will continue to work in partnership with those organisations and develop new relationships to ensure the greatest level of support for veterans, victims and survivors.”

Over the past number of weeks the team have been working tirelessly to equip the offices to a high standard and have also recruited CBT and EMDR therapists to the Mental Health Team as well as physiotherapists and complementary therapy providers.

Mrs Frances Nolan, Chairperson Brooke House said, “I am delighted with the new staffing team which has been recruited to support our clients. The many years experience and expertise in their chosen field which each new employee brings will ensure the highest quality services.”

The new outreach team comprises of the following staff: Mr Ivan Bingham, Veterans Health and Well Being Manager; Mrs Christine Spence, Veterans Health and Well Being Support Officer; Mr David Taylor, Welfare Support Officer; Mr Danny Kennedy, Welfare Support Officer; Mrs Glenda Milligan, Victims Health and Well Being Case Officer; and Mr Ben Higgins (Appointment Only) Veterans Welfare Support Officer.

Over the coming month, the team will be arranging a number of Health and Well Being Fairs to showcase the support available.

They have also partnered with Combat Stress who will be hosting veterans peer to peer monthly support groups commencing in October.

A number of Welfare/Welfare Roadshows are scheduled to ensure eligible persons are aware of the support available to them and their dependants.

If you are interested and just want to find out more about the type of support available call in, or contact the organisation through social media.