All is Well with Cusacks

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NEW Lurgan band Cusacks Well are looking forward to launching their debut EP in the next couple of months.

The alt-rock band have been together since March of this year and release their debut EP on November 1 with a gig in Fa’ Joe’s.

The four-piece are: Ciaran McAloran on lead guitar, Glenn Sharkey on lead vocals, Adam Tennant on drums and Sami Dabbous on bass guitar.

All of the band are 19 except 21-year-old Adam, who works in HMV. The other three members are students.

Glenn said: “We all went to Brownlow and knew each other from there, but we didn’t become a band until we left school.”

Ciaran added: “I didn’t know Glenn could sing until I heard him in the assembly hall. Someone was playing about on the piano and Glenn was singing along.

He added: “The first time we played together was at a formal. We played one track - Yellow from Coldplay.”

Their EP was recorded last March in Blackstaff Studios. Before it becomes officially available in November you can download their track ‘Hide It Away’ on iTunes and Amazon while the song Neon Lights is available for free download on Soundcloud.

In terms of musical tastes Ciaran is a fan of 70s and 80s blues rock while Glenn favours Coldplay and U2. Adam has his roots in punk and Sami listens to an eclectic mix.

As a collective the band lean towards Oasis, Kasabian and Coldplay.

The band have been promoting their music through a number of gigs in Lurgan, Belfast and Newry, and have gained a local following on Twitter and Facebook - as well as fans in Scotland.

“The plan is to get another EP out and then organise a tour. There seems to be a demand for us over in Scotland so we’ll have to get over for a show,” said Glenn.

Ciaran finished by explaining the band’s name: “It really has no meaning. We just picked two words that sounded good together. People have decided on their own meanings for it and we’re happy for them to draw their own conclusions.”