Arsonists busy in the village of Donacloney

Arsonists were busy in the quiet village of Donacloney in 1997 with two separate attacks on a pensioner’s home and a church hall.

In the early hours of a Friday morning an 84 year old woman could have lost her life when the arsonists struck.

Just before 3.30am a petrol bomb was thrown through the window of her home in the village. She was asleep upstairs and had to be rescued by neighbours. She suffered slight smoke inhalation while the living room of her home was extensively damaged.

And in the early hours of a Tuesday morning Donacloney Methodist Church Hall became the target for arsonists.

A fire was reported in the hall around 2.30am after a neighbour spotted the flames.

The fire was started on the roof of the hall and there was no damage to the adjoining church.

And in another weekend incident a police car came under attack in a car park on the Saturday night.