Awards for saving man in park lake

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TWO young Lurgan men were presented with Royal Humane Society certificates for bravery in 1969.

They were for rescuing a youth from drowning in Lurgan Park lake the previous summer.

An 18 year old youth had been swimming in the lake when he took severe cramp and went under.

He was lying face downwards in six or eight feet of water.

A young boy who attempted to rescue him was almost dragged under himself.

He raised the alarm and two men immediately went into the water and searched until they found the swimmer.

They successfully brought him to the surface after a number of dives and took him to the bank where they applied artificial respiration.

They continued to do this until the ambulance arrived and the youth was taken to the hospital.

At the hospital he was found to be unconscious and within an inch of his life.

“There is no doubt that but for the prompt and gallant action of these two men he would have lost his life,” said the Head Constable at the time.