BB boys found unexploded bomb in Mournes

A 30-mile hike in the Mournes by members of a local BB company in 1967 was livened up when they stumbled across an unexploded bomb.

Albert Hutchinson, Ronald McKeown and Kenneth Uprichard, of First Knocknamuckley BB, found a highly explosive American grenade.

They built a cairn of stones, marked by a white handkerchief, to warn other hikers of the danger.

After a consultation with Company Captain Tom Somerville the boys contacted the police who in turn called in the bomb disposal squad.

They triggered off an explosion and the Hare’s Gap area was safe again.

The weapon had been lying uncovered since 1942 when American troops were training in the Mournes.

It was the third bomb find by the BB company.

Wallace Rainey found one near the Hare’s Gap and Ronald McKeown found another when the company hall was being built.