Cage birds stolen from animal farm in 1985

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Virtually all of the cage birds in Craigavon council’s animal farm were stolen one weekend in 1985.

The haul included cockatiels, finches and a love bird among others.

There was an indication that the thieves were probably interested in the birds only from a cash point of view in that they also stole a chaffinch and a greenfinch – both natural and native species.

These were being cared for by the council’s animal attendant who worked with the ‘recovery service’ which treated injured animals and birds before releasing them into the wild.

Pinebank’s animal farm had been a popular feature with the Craigavon public for a long time and youngsters in particular were frequent visitors.

The farm however had been a frequent target for theft, break-ins and repeated vandalism.

It seemed that the thieves were well organised, complete with wire cutters and it was believed they had a ready market for their spoils.