Camped out in a car park to buy house

A COUPLE ‘camped out’ in their car outside Marlborough House in 1983 to be first in the queue to buy a house.

Ten homes at Legahory Court in Craigavon had been placed on the market by the Housing Executive in their homesteading scheme.

And they were sold within minutes of their release.

One couple were so anxious to get one of the houses they camped all weekend.

The prospect of finding a large mortgage was a daunting one for them so when they heard about Homesteading they jumped in their car and headed for Marlborough House.

After deciding on the choice of house they were determined to be first through the doors on Monday morning and they camped in their silver Datsun Sunny.

“It was quite a weekend,” they said. “Especially when the shopping centre closed.

“Getting to sleep was difficult once the lights in the car park were switched on but we think that it has all been worthwhile.

“The house we have chosen is good value and it suits us. We wouldn’t fancy taking out a large mortgage and we are buying the house for £1,750 with a garage for another £250.

“All the same the Marlborough House car park is not our kind of idea for a holiday weekend.”