Cattle found starved to death on farmland in 1980

POLICE questioned a farmer in 1980 after 15 cattle starved to death on land near Lurgan.

A total of 33 cattle were found suffering from malnutrition and had to be foddered by the USPCA.

Two died after being taken into care.

The call to Lurgan police was made by a motorist who spotted a carcass in a field.

A search of the farmland uncovered dead animals in hedges, drains and outhouses surrounding the farmhouse.

Two thoroughbred horses, almost dead on their feet, were also found. One later died.

Police said that every water hole and river in the immediate area was contaminated and some animals, still alive, were dying of thirst.

In addition to the 35 cattle the USPCA took away two newly dropped calves.

Later two skeltons were found bringing the death toll to 20 cattle and one horse.

Some cattle had been lying so long that they had been trampled into the mud by other animals and were found when horns were seen sticking out.