Costs were only thing soaring

CRAIGAVON council were considering the possibility of an airstrip for the borough in 1991.

But the only thing that was soaring was the cost of the consultants.

Tannaghmore had been earmarked for the project which immediately brought a protest from the residents.

The Mayor, two councillors and a council officer met with consultants who recommended a hard tarmac runway instead of a grass strip as originally planned.

One councillor said afterwards: “The consultants examined the demand for an airstrip in Craigavon and we have ruled out the possibility of any scheduled flights.

“However there is undoubtedly a demand for a recreational facility allied to pilot training and repair work to aircraft for which there is a crying need in Northern Ireland.”

This was from the consultants draft report with the full report going before the next full council meeting.

The bill from the consultants amounted to £22,500.