Council of 1979 declines church opening invite

UNIONISTS on Craigavon Borough Council declined an invitation to attend the official opening of St Anthony’s Church in Brownlow in 1979.

The SDLP described the action as “a massive snub for the Catholic community”.

An angry Alderman Hugh news said it would drive another wedge between the people of Craigavon.

“The council obviously isn’t interested in fostering good community relations,” he added.

Among Unionists members to decline the invitation was the Mayor, Alderman Herbert Whitten.

“Going to the opening doesn’t appeal to me,” he said.

His deputy, Councillor David Calcvert, of the DUP, would also not be there.

The only councillors who indicated that they would be attending belonged to the SDLP, Alliance and Republican Clubs.

Meanwhile the clergy at St Anthony’s remained silent on the issue.

“We won’t be entering into any controversy,” said one member of the clergy at St Anthony’s.