Early start at popular Dorothy’s bakery

While most people were sleeping a popular Lurgan bakery was busy getting reading for the morning rush in 1967.

Seventeen men working at Dorothy’s bakery in Church Place were turning out 12 dozen soda and wheaten farls every 15 minutes.

The ‘Mail’ dropped in to meet the workers and the aroma of freshly baked bread was everywhere with rows and rows of meringue topped pastries and cakes waiting to be brought into the shop.

Dorothy Titterington and her mother, Mary Carson, had been running the bakery for 13 years.

They started with only one baker but had 17 men mixing the dough and rolling the pastry.

The first man came in at 4am and it was his job to start mixing the first dough of the day.

He was joined at 6am by the rest of the workers and then’s it was all go until after lunch time.

They had a delivery service and van driver William McCreanor was a familiar figure around the town.