‘Emmanuelle’ described as filth after private viewing

Lurgan cinema goers who travelled to the Iveagh Cinema in Banbridge would have to go further afield in 1977 if they wanted to see the controversial film, ‘Emmanuelle’.

Management of the cinema decided against screening the film on the advice of Banbridge District 

The recommendation came after nine members of the council attended a private viewing.

One councillor remarked: “It’s filth from beginning to end. There’s no story to it. It’s just utter filth.”

But there was opposition to the ban. “I wasn’t voted onto this council to tell people what films they 
should see or not see. Those who want to go can go and those who don’t can stay at home,” said another councillor.

Six of those councillors who had seen the film voted in favour of asking the management not to screen the film.

And a spokesman for the cinema said they had accepted the advice of the council so ‘Emmanuelle’ would not be shown.