Facilities in memorial park needed improving

IN a bid to improve some sporting facilities in the town Lurgan Borough Council set up a committee in 1967.

Councillor W Pentland was behind the move.

He said: “Playing fields in this town at the moment are not a credit to this council.

“I refer in particular to Lord Lurgan Memorial Park.

“I have taken an interest in this matter for long number of years and when I went to the park on Saturday I was absolutely appalled at the conditions existing there for sport.”

Councillor Pentland said the condition of the playing fields was hopeless.

The two pitches were a quagmire, due to the fact that drainage was non-existent and they were excessively over-played.

Referring to the cricket pavilion he pointed out that there were no toilets and the place was an ‘embarrassment’.

Councillor Jim Carson said it seemed to him that Lord Lurgan Memorial Park was regarded as a secondary place. The bowlers in the main park had only to mention something and the council would give it out.

Those elected to the sports committee were: Alderman R. J. Mitchell and Councillors W. Pentland, H. P. McConville, S. Gardiner, J. Hamilton, H. D. Gregg, Dr D. Deeny.