Farmers sold milk on streets

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FARMERS in the Lurgan area were selling milk on the streets early in 1975.

It was all because of a strike by workers at Creamline on the Gilford Road.

During the strike, which lasted for two days, farmers could not unload their milk at Creamline and were turned away the factory gates.

A lot of the milk had to be disposed of by other means.

Many farmers ovecame the difficulty by taking to the road armed with milk kegs and measures - much to the relief of the housewife.

A typical scene was on Russell Drive where one local farmer sold his milk from a cart.

Housewives collected supplies in containers of all shapes and sizes and were only too glad to get what they could - even though the milk was not pasturised.

In Waringstown a farmer went with full kegs to a housing estate and for the housewife it was a case of help yourself.

The dispute at Creamline concerned a pay rise.

Workers were getting a basic rate of £23.69 for a 40 hour week which a spokesman described as ‘an insult.’ They were asking for a basic wage of £40 per week.