Glowing inspection report for College

Mr Trevor Robinson, Headmaster with Jack Patterson, Head Boy, Laura King, Head Girl and Thomas Adamson, Deputy Head Boy. INLM0713-050
Mr Trevor Robinson, Headmaster with Jack Patterson, Head Boy, Laura King, Head Girl and Thomas Adamson, Deputy Head Boy. INLM0713-050

LURGAN College has joined the ranks of a small group of high performing Northern Ireland schools deemed to be ‘very good’ or ‘outstanding’ by the Inspectorate.

The inspection at the school took place last November, forming the second stage of the process which began in early 2011 when many of the school’s strengths were highlighted: its ethos, its friendly, welcoming environment; the pupils’ excellent behaviour; the quality of teaching and learning; Mathematics, English, Careers and ICT; the commitment of the headmaster and staff to continuous improvement.

As with all inspection reports, a small number of recommendations were made including addressing the slight variation between some subjects at GCSE level and reviewing the school’s pastoral and curricular structures.

The follow-up inspection report, published recently, once again highlighted the school’s ongoing strengths: ethos, quality of teaching and learning; Careers, English, Mathematics, ICT and the commitment to continuous improvement. The school’s action plan process was commended and the school development plan was deemed to be totally compliant with the Department of Education’s statutory requirements.

The inspectors were very impressed with how the school had addressed the 2011 variation between subjects at GCSE level and concluded that almost all of the subjects are now above or within five per cent of the NI average for selective schools.

The quality of the school’s child-centred Pastoral Care programme was considered by the inspectors to be ‘very good’.

Two thirds of the lessons observed were ‘very good’ or ‘outstanding’; no teaching was deemed to be less than ‘good’; in all the classes the pupils responded well to a high degree of challenge to their learning.

The leadership given by senior leadership (comprising the headmaster, two vice principals and four senior teachers) underwent continued improvement in the curricular and pastoral provision was rated by the Inspectorate as ‘very good’.

The inspection report concluded that “the quality of education provided by Lurgan College was very good and that the school is meeting very effectively the educational and pastoral needs of the pupils”.

Principal Mr Robinson was full of praise for his senior leadership team, his staff and his pupils who were all affirmed by this excellent inspection report.

He added: “The whole community should be proud of its town’s successful 14-19 grammar school which, once again sees itself placed among the top performing schools in the whole of Northern Ireland. Just another good news story for our very successful Dickson Plan system.”