Hen manure was a danger

HEN manure proved to be a danger on the roads back in 1969.

In fact the then Resident Magistrate at Lurgan Court, Mr Charles Stewart, described it as ‘a very dangerous commodity.’

The Head Constable told the court that a motorist was following behind a lorry driven by a farmer and manure was being spread on the road from the lorry for almost a mile.

Mr Stewart remarked that with a bit of frost and the manure “you wouldn’t know where you would be.”

The farmer was fined £8 for having an insecure load and £2 for not having rear lights.

His solicitor, Mr Eamonn McEvoy, said that the defendant had been taking a load of manure from an intensive hen unit to his farm.

The bottom of the taildoor opened and a considerable part of the load spread over the road.