Holiday blunder at town bank

ONE lady got more than she bargained for when she visited the branch of a local bank to stock up for money for her summer holiday in 1993.

She dropped into one of the big banks in the town centre to get some money for an European trip.

Obviously aiming to build up a stockpile of currency gradually she asked the girl behind the counter to change £39 cash into Italian lire.

At the time this worked out about 85,000 lire unfortunately the bank cashier handed the lady over 850,000 - around £400.

“The lady concerned is not known to us and as she was dealing in cash we have no way in tracing her identity,” a rather sheepish bank manager told the ‘Mail’.

“All we know is that she is planning a European trip in August.

“Obviously we would like her to contact us again to straighten out this misunderstanding.”