Hospital under siege from thieves

LURGAN Hospital was under siege from thieves early in 1993.

And visitors were warned about the safety of their vehicles while visiting sick or dying relatives.

Police had confirmed that in a short space of time three cars were stolen, several broken into and damaged and lead was stripped from the roof over the mortuary.

One woman who was ‘sitting up’ with a seriously ill relative said she travelled by taxi rather than run the risk of losing her car.

She said several members of staff had lost their vehicles.

She added: “It is terrible that the staff are exhausted working here all night and then come out in the morning and find their car is away.”

The woman said she had also heard about youths drinking in the grounds and claimed that they had tried to assault an employee.

A hospital spokesman admitted there had been a problem with car thieves and vandalism.

He hit out at those responsible for the ‘extremely anti-social behaviour’ in the grounds of an institution that existed to provide care.

On one night a Metro car had been stolen and later another vehicle was broken into.