How Lurgan folk were celebrating Valentine’s Day in 1994

Romance was alive and well in Lurgan in 1994 – even though some of the men were reluctant Romeos.

The ‘Mail’ did a spot survey in the town on Valentine’s Day.

Most of the men were of the same opinion – it was just another way a woman could con a man out of his hard earned money.

However, the women had a different view with most saying that there was nothing wrong with a little romance.

But one reluctant Romeo said: “Once she’s conned you into going up the aisle you can relax on the romance.”

One young lady said the secret of a good Valentine’s Day was finding the right man – just like her boyfriend.

But the boyfriend wasn’t impressed, however, labelling it a waste of money.

Local schoolgirls were also divided on the issue. One believed it had been hyped up too much while her friend said there was nothing mushy about it at all.