Information sought about Moira soldier killed during WWII

Trooper Joseph Walker is remembered on the war memorial in Moira.
Trooper Joseph Walker is remembered on the war memorial in Moira.

A military history enthusiast is hoping our readers can help him find out more information about a Moira man who served in the Second World War.

Andy Glenfield is researching Trooper Joseph Walker, whose name appears on the war memorial at St John’s Church.

Trooper Walker served with 1st Special Air Service Regiment during the 1939-45 conflict. He was captured by the Germans in July 1944 after parachuting, along with 11 other SAS soldiers, behind enemy lines into occupied France.

According to Mr Glenfield, Trooper Walker was among a number of soldiers who were executed by the Gestapo for working in collaboration with the French against the German Army.

Trooper Walker and his comrades are buried in the Cemetery of Marissel at Beauvais.

Mr Glenfield, who runs the website ‘The Second World War in Northern Ireland’ - - said he “felt obliged to research what happened to Joseph Walker” after seeing his name on the war memorial in Moira.

“I am hoping that some of your readers may be able to give me a little more information about Joseph Walker and, if possible, a photograph of him so that I can add it to my picture of his name on the war memorial,” Mr Glenfield said.

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