Laughs are so scarce but black comedy is an enjoyable watch

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The Voices is an enjoyable, but peculiar film.

It reminded me of last year’s Life After Beth; it’s meant to be a black comedy but the laughs are so scarce and the content so bleak, it has more in common with a psychological horror.

Ryan Reynolds plays Jerry, a factory worker with psychological issues.

Jerry is supposed to take prescribed medication and when he doesn’t, becomes prone to hallucinations and hears voices coming from his Cat and Dog. The Dog, Bosco, and Cat, Mr Whiskers, are the angel and devil on his shoulder; Whiskers, through a thick Scottish brogue, encourages negative impulses while Bosco is the voice of reason. Jerry has eyes for co-worker Fiona (Gemma Arterton).

When giving her a lift home, Jerry accidentally kills her. He disposes of her body and stores her head in his fridge.

Arterton’s head coerces him into continuing to kill because it gets lonely in the fridge.

Next year, Reynolds plays Marvel’s Deadpool, another character plagued by internal voices.

Reynolds normally doesn’t do anything for me, yet to his credit he’s good here. This role comes off as a precursor for the Deadpool film and convinced me he’ll probably be a good fit.