Lurgan Mail tops poll for most popular newspaper

The ‘Mail’ came out tops in a local survey into newspapers in 1979.

It pushed the Sun and the Mirror into second and third place in a survey carried out by pupils at Lurgan Technical College.

From a list of 20 local and national newspapers they picked the ‘Mail’ as the one that pleased them most for content and interest.

“It took an enormous proportion of the votes cast, pushing aside papers like the Sun and Belfast Telegraph,” said an editorial piece in the school’s latest issue of ‘Technicalities’.

The top 20 list was: 1, Lurgan Mail, 2, Sun, 3, Daily Mirror, 4, Belfast Telegraph, 5, Star, 6, News of the World, 7, Ireland’s Saturday Night, 8, Advertiser, 9, Sunday Mirror, 10, Sunday People, 11, Newsletter, 12, Irish News, 13, Sunday Mail, 14, Sunday World, 15, Examiner, 16, Sunday News, 17, Sunday Express, 18, Daily Express, 19, Irish Press, 20, Portadown Herald.

The school magazine was one of its biggest ever editions with 100 pages.

Around 500 copies went on sale - at 35p each - and were immediately snapped up.