Miraculous escape for drunk man

A LURGAN man had a miraculous escape in 1991 after he had been run over by a train.

The 23 year old man had been drunk and was lying on the railway lines.

However, despite the lucky escape he could not escape punishments from the courts where he was fined £20 for trespassing on the line and £65 for being drunk at the time.

The Resident Magistrate said it was a bizarre incident and “could only have happened in a Hollywood film.”

A Northern Ireland Railways official said the incident happened 400 yards from Lurgan railway station.

The police and an ambulance were called but the man had not been injured.

A solicitor for the defendant said his client was “glad to be alive because he could very easily have been killed.”

He explained that the defendant had a drink problem to which the Resident Magistrate said: “He very nearly cured it.”