Moutray involved in Royal wait

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Alderman Stephen Moutray MLA experienced the excited atmosphere whilst outside St Mary’s Hospital in London.

This was a chance in a life time for Alderman Moutray and American visitors Pam and Sarah-Britton Vaughn, the guests he is currently hosting in Craigavon.

Speaking following the birth Alderman Moutray said: “I have been hosting Pam and Sarah-Britton throughout the duration of their vacation in Craigavon. It happened to be that we had booked to travel to London to enjoy some of the tourist destinations on Monday and given that it was the very day that the Duchess of Cambridge would give birth to our future King or Queen we travelled to the hospital to soak up the atmosphere.”

Alderman Moutray finished: “I am absolutely delighted for Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge and would extend my best wishes to them as they seek to bring up their little boy.”