New Civic Centre is opened

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THE controversial £3 million Craigavon Civic Centre was officially opened in April 1983.

The Duke of Abercorn unveiled a plaque to commemmorate the event.

The Mayor, Councillor Samuel Gardiner, described the opening as a significant milestone for the borough.

Addressing over 200 guests he said the project was not without its critics.

He continued: “Though, in the final reckoning the centre will have cost about £3 million, I feel that, all things considered, it is firmly on the credit side of the council’s account.

“We have now been able to centralise our administration and thus provide services in a much more efficient manner than previously.

“Until recently all aspects of council activity were, of necessity, located in places far apart.

“As befits an expanding new town this centre also gives the borough an opportunity to promote, encourage and host events such as conferences, exhibitions, concerts and other cultural and recreational pursuits.

“In this complex the people of Craigavon have a valuable asset which should, and no doubt will, become even more appreciated in time.”

He also urged the people of the area and members of the council to try and promote Craigavon.