Park charges introduced

CAR parking fees were on their way to Lurgan for the first time ever in June 1986.

And the scheme did not go down too well in the town

It was confirmed that motorists would have to pay for parking space in the Road Service’s Castle Lane site from June 30.

A second pay park would be introduced in Alexandra Square before the end of the summer.

The charges would be 10p for up to one hour, 20p for one two hour stay and 30p if a driver parked for a two to three hour period.

Those who parked for three to four hours would be charged 50p and anything over that would be £1.

However the reaction in the following week’s ‘Mail’ was somewhat hostile.

Disgraceful, unnecessary, ludicrous, stupid and unfortunate were just some of the words used.

The ‘Mail’ took to the streets to gauge public opinion and not one of the people interviewed agreed with the scheme.