Playboy at Lyric Theatre

Playboy of the Western World
Playboy of the Western World
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ARMAGH born director Conall Morrisson thrilled the audience in the Lyric with his production of the acclaimed The Playboy of the Western World.

John Synge’s masterpiece is set in a shebeen in Co Mayo where a wiley Christy Mahon, played excellently by Patrick Moy, takes refuge and spins an ever evolving yarn claiming he killed his father.

News spreads and the locals are enthralled by his story rather than dastardly deed he has claimed to have done.

Christy is taken by the headstrong red-headed barmaid Pegeen Mike, aptly cast with Orla Fitzgerald, who wary at first soon becomes taken by his tales.

Indeed all were enthralled until Christy’s dead father Old Mahon walks in. Played by Lalor Roddy, Old Mahon certainly made an entrance.

It is a rich play depicting life in the west of Ireland at the beginning of the century; poor, wild but full of craic and stories. A great comedy, feisty and witty amid the mooted messages.

And the Lyric was a perfect spot. The new auditorium with amazing accoustics was used to a pinnacle with every drop of porter poured resounding.

The award-winning director’s attention to detail excelled. With a magnificent cast and crew this is a definite must see. Testament to this was the audible laughter and applause throughout last Thursday night.

The Playboy of the Western World runs at the Lyric until October 7.