Postmistresses retire

THE Waringstown Post Office had been in the Harwood family for 80 years when owners Mary and Hetty Harwood decided to retire from the establishment in March 1967.

Both had been born in the original building which was knocked down to make way for the new office just behind it. Their father carried on the business and when he died, their mother took over. The dwelling where the Harwood sisters were born was a little thatched cottage and the move to the new house in 1932 was quite simple - they just opened the back door and there was the front door to their new one.

The Misses Harwood said they would miss meeting all the village folk but were looking forward to a well earned rest from the 6.30am start in order to sort the morning mail.

They commented on the change in Waringstown with the new housing and new people who were moving in to the village. When their father had ran the office it had only cost a penny to send a sealed letter.

The village folk were regretful to lose the quiet charm that the Misses Harwood added to the little but busy post office. However, the sisters had not intended on leaving Waringstown. They said, “At the moment we are thinking about planning a holiday without the responsibility of wondering if everything is all right with the mail.”

The Misses Harwood also thanked the public for their co-operation and support.